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'Bionic Man' will walk the streets of Washington, DC tomorrow

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Bionic Man
Bionic Man

Back in August, Smithsonian Magazine took an in-depth look at prosthetic limbs and artificial organs, with one of its main subjects being a true "Bionic Man." A team of scientists and researchers at the University of Zurich were able to recreate more than 50 percent of the human body using the "most sophisticated" prosthetics and artificial organs (like a full circulatory system) available, and now the Bionic Man is going to show itself to the world at large. A new documentary entitled The Incredible Bionic Man will air on the Smithsonian Channel this Sunday at 9:00PM ET, and those located in the Washington, DC area will get a chance to "meet" the creation for themselves.

Bertold Meyer, a social psychologist from the University of Zurich and host of the upcoming documentary, will show off the Bionic Man outside of the National Air and Space Museum tomorrow at 11:00AM ET. Judging from the trailer for the documentary, it looks like the Bionic Man will be able to walk around on its series of prosthetic limbs — but the creation will still be firmly under the control of normal, flesh-and-blood humans. The Bionic Man is controlled remotely from a computer, with Bluetooth connections used to operate its limbs. There aren’t many other details on what you’ll see outside the National Air and Space Museum tomorrow, but if you’re interested in robotics or prosthetics it should be worth checking out — and if you’re not in the area, the Smithsonian Channel’s documentary this weekend should show an in-depth look at how the Bionic Man came to be.