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Oyster's Netflix-like ebook subscription service now available for all iPad and iPhone users

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Oyster, a startup offering all-you-can-read ebook subscriptions, launched earlier this month as an invite-only service — but it's now available for all iPad and iPhone users, GigaOm reports. For $9.95 a month, subscribers receive unlimited access to a library of more than 100,000 book titles. While the company has deals with hundreds of smaller publishers, it only has a deal with one "big six" major publisher, HarperCollins, and are some gems in the mix: including Lord of the Rings, Shutter Island, and Water for Elephants. You can try the service out with a 30-day free trial by signing up on Oyster's website.

Fortunately for readers, Oyster is not the only company that launched an ebook rental service in recent months. Scribd's surprise launch of its own subscription business on October 1st. Scribd is also home to books from HarperCollins, and offers its service for $8.99 a month.