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Official Facebook app for Windows 8.1 now available

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Facebook Windows 8
Facebook Windows 8

Windows 8 is getting a big name app addition today: Facebook. Microsoft teased plans for an official Facebook app earlier this year at its Build developer event, and the launch coincides with the Windows 8.1 update that's also making its debut today. The app looks just like what you'd expect from a Facebook app, with status, photo, and check-in tabs alongside a chat interface that's pinned to the right-hand side. Facebook has added the friend request, inbox, and notification counters to the very top right with touch-friendly buttons. There's also a side pane on the left that provides quick access to the news feed, messages, events, friends, and more.

Facebook has also built in Share Charm support, allowing you to automatically attach the photo you're viewing to an email. Like many other Windows 8.1 apps, there's also built-in search functionality. Although Facebook has built a number of Snap Views for this app, it has not enabled the smallest option, so you can only snap nearly 40 percent of the app window. The Facebook app is listed in the Windows Store for Windows 8 users, but it appears it requires the 8.1 update. "Sorry, this app can't be installed because your PC doesn't meet the minimum system requirements," is the message Windows 8 users receive when they attempt to install the app. It's rolling out worldwide so the web link, as well as individual Stores in some countries, may experience some errors for the next few hours as that takes place. If you're having problems locating it, check the main page of the Store where new apps are listed.