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Manhole cover or EV charger, why not both?

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nyc manhole cover (verge stock)
nyc manhole cover (verge stock)

New York City's electric vehicle infrastructure is about to get a boost from a curious new source: manhole covers. Local startup HEVO Power, working together with New York University, has developed an "embeddable" wireless charging system that can be installed in the underground tunnel access points dotting the city's streets. There are three parts to HEVO's system: the power station resonating energy out, a receiving unit that hooks up to your electric car's battery, and a mobile app to help drivers park in the correct spot.

HEVO's plan is understandably modest for the moment, with the pilot scheme set to be put into action around Washington Square Park early next year, when a pair of NYU Smart ForTwo vehicles will try it out. The vision, however, of delivery vehicles incrementally juicing up at every stop they make is a highly appealing one — and if the technology proves robust, it could go a long way to mollifying those worried about electric vehicles' battery life and long charging times.