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Watch 'Chinese Food,' the incredibly awkward followup to Rebecca Black's 'Friday'

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If you were on the internet in 2011, you may remember a little song called "Friday." You may also remember Patrice Wilson, the mastermind who produced the song and appeared in its awkward rap interlude. You may further remember Wilson's (fairly successful) attempt to strike gold twice with the very similar "It's Thanksgiving." And neither of these songs will quite prepare you for the aggressively inane and quasi-racist "Chinese Food." "I wrote [the song] last July the night before my birthday when I was sitting down with some China Express takeaway," Wilson tells MTV. "I just thought, 'Wait a second, I love Chinese food! I can make that a song because there are no Chinese food songs out there!'"

Yes, some might complain that kimonos and geishas are not actually Chinese, or that reading a Panda Express menu doesn't count as a "verse." But Wilson brushes off this criticism. "My intent was to show the world that Patrice Wilson loves Chinese food," he says. "If they want to take it that way [negatively] that's their prerogative."