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Sail the high seas in style with this insane alien yacht concept

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zaha hadid luxury yacht concept
zaha hadid luxury yacht concept

Zaha Hadid's latest design looks like it could be the pristine, swirling hive of some alien race. In reality, her new work is actually the concept for a series of five luxury yachts that the shipbuilder Blohm + Voss wants to make. According to Superyacht News, yachts are traditionally commissioned and designed with input from the client, but Blohm + Voss wanted to do something a little more daring that would be interesting enough to entice buyers. "It had to be something truly unexpected and exceptional," Herbert Aly, CEO of Blohm + Voss, tells Superyacht News. "It will be expensive, for sure."

Hadid is known for her twisting architecture, and that's all too evident here. Each of her yacht designs appears to have white webbing swirling around its topside, almost resembling a carved bone. They're nearly 300 feet long, meant to resemble organic underwater forms, and are part of a series being called the Unique Circle Yachts. Though the yacht's interiors will ultimately be customized to their extravagant buyers' preferences, mockups suggest indoor swimming pools, palm trees, and wooden decks. "This is for a very unique set of clients who might consider Zaha Hadid as their designer," Aly tells Superyacht News. "I bet there are two or three yachting customers out there who would love to have something from her."