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Elon Musk reportedly won auction for iconic Bond submarine car with $866K bid

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Lotus Submarine Car
Lotus Submarine Car

One of the most unique and iconic cars to ever appear in a James Bond film has reportedly been purchased by none other than Elon Musk. According to Jalopnik, the Tesla CEO last month bid $866,000 for the Lotus Esprit submarine, one of eight models used in 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me. The vehicle isn't drivable, but is designed to be fully submersible (and apparently that aspect of the car is still "functional"). Musk's high bid actually falls below the $990,000 guidance that had been set for the unique piece of Bond history, which was unexpectedly found in a Long Island storage container by an owner who paid $100 for its contents.

The Lotus was then passed on to RM Auctions, who handled its restoration and ultimately listed the auction. The auction saw a "fierce battle between a female buyer and a telephone bidder" according to The Daily Mail. If Jalopnik's report is accurate, we can conclude that the caller at the other end of the line was Musk — or at least someone bidding on the executive's behalf.