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Lomography goes digital with experimental Micro Four Thirds lenses

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lomo experimental lens
lomo experimental lens

Lomography's film cameras have a devoted following, but the company's new product is aimed squarely at the digital world. The Experimental Lens Kit is a set of three lenses designed to let you shoot multiple exposures — one of the most distinctive effects of Lomography film photos — on your Micro Four Thirds camera. Other companies such as Fujifilm have released cameras that recreate the effect in software, but the Lomography lenses actually have built-in mechanical shutters to produce multiple exposures optically.

The pack includes a 24mm standard lens, a 12mm wide-angle lens, and a fisheye lens with a 160-degree viewing angle. All three lenses have an aperture of f/8, a shutter speed of 1/100, and a bulb mode; they also come with colored gels that you can insert into a handy slot for filter effects. You won't be getting the best conventional image quality from these lenses, of course, but at $89 for the set it could be a fun way to start a Micro Four Thirds collection after picking up that new Panasonic GM1.