Welcome to the era of the reboot. Over the past decade we’ve seen more than 10 different film franchises rebooted with fresh faces and new names — and there’s a lineup of new ones already on the way. What’s more, with releases like this weekend’s Carrie reboot we’re seeing studios reaching further and further back into pop culture past — leaving no stone unturned as they try to squeeze every last drop from their libraries.

At the rate we’re going, it’s just a matter of time before some ambitious young turk at Paramount pitches a new-and-improved Godfathers with Channing Tatum as Sonny and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Michael. We’ll know things have really gone too far if we’re walking into theaters in 2033 for a reboot of The Matrix… but we’ll deal with that existential crisis when we come to it.

Graphic design by Dylan Lathrop.