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Another senior executive leaves HTC, this time after just four months

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htc lorain wong
htc lorain wong

Another high-ranking HTC official has left the building — Lorain Wong, global VP of PR and communications, is to step down after just four months in her role. The company's CMO, Ben Ho, told Bloomberg News that Wong resigned for "personal reasons" and will stay on in a consulting role for three or four months. She was appointed in June after holding various marketing positions with companies such as AT&T; before that, she was a TV reporter and producer.

The move comes less than two weeks after Cher Wang, the chairwoman of HTC, cited "innovative marketing" as its biggest challenge in Q4 2013, with emphasis on direct communications with customers.

Wong's departure from HTC is the latest upheaval to hit the struggling company — chief product officer Kouji Kodera, COO Matthew Costello, and Asia CEO Lennard Hoornik have all left in recent months as well. It's not clear whether Wong's resignation is linked to these departures, but it can be seen as the latest disruption to HTC's recovery effort. The Taiwan-based smartphone maker confirmed this month that it had made the first quarterly loss in its history as a public company.