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Owner doesn't know what to do about the Banksy on her New York building

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Banksy Geisha Bridge NYC (Sam Sheffer)
Banksy Geisha Bridge NYC (Sam Sheffer)

What if you woke up one day to find a Banksy on your building? For the past weeks a handful of New Yorkers have been forced to answer that question as the street artist has surreptitiously completed new work across the city over his month-long residency. Cara Tabachnick, who owns the East Williamsburg building that Banksy graced with his work yesterday, seems to have more questions than answers. In a short piece published in New York Magazine she asks, "Should we preserve it immediately? Do we have a public duty to do so? How does one preserve a piece of art like this? How do we control the crowds?" So far she and her family have hired security guards to protect the piece from defacement overnight, and she's working with lawyers to try and figure out what to do next.