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Inside Twitter's epic, 'chaotic' journey from day one to IPO

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jack dorsey stock 2040
jack dorsey stock 2040

Once upon a time, Twitter was "a shitshow," according to a new report from Business Insider's Nicholas Carlson and Alyson Shontell. The report chronicles the "chaotic" journey leading up to the company's imminent IPO, which was reportedly filled with numerous internal power struggles, a few CEOs, and over six total days of server downtime in 2007 alone. Along the way, you'll also learn about Twitter's long-lost co-creator Noah Glass, whom Carlson originally exposed back in 2011, how Jack Dorsey almost joined Facebook after being ousted as Twitter's CEO, and how one company "saved" Twitter from the infamous fail whale. The story isn't a quick read, but it's a fascinating look at the oft-disputed history of one of the world's most important new companies.