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How Google's record stock high compares to other tech giants

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Google's stock price broke $1,000 for the first time today, as investors continue to be impressed by the company's steady growth in search advertising. The 13 percent stock surge, which came a day after a stronger-than-expected earnings report from the company, doesn't make Google the most valuable tech company. That honor currently belongs to Apple, which has a market capitalization of $462.3 billion, compared to $338 billion for Google.

MSFT Market Cap Chart

MSFT Market Cap data by YCharts

Still, Google's stock performance has been quite impressive over the past year, as the chart below shows. Stock price is only one measure of a company's success — Apple has been historically undervalued relative to its profits, and critics say Amazon is overvalued given its lack of them — but it is a good measure of investors' expectations of a company's potential in the near future. When it comes to Google, investors' expectations are big and getting bigger.

MSFT Chart