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Arnold Schwarzenegger hopes you left enough room for his fist in Reddit AMA

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arnold schwarzenegger 640
arnold schwarzenegger 640

Not every action film star can say they delivered enough one-liners to become a parody of themselves, but Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly can. Now, the former California governor is promoting his new film, Escape Plan, by offering to say any of those famous lines on camera. The fun has already started at Reddit, where he's told the online audience that they punch like a plant-eater. He's also asked them to name their father and — equally importantly — to describe that man's job.

At press time, Schwarzenegger had not yet told anyone to board a helicopter, nor take a trip to Mars. He also had yet to shake hands with the male child of a female dog. We do, however, expect that he will say his farewells in Spanish — unless he decides he likes the Reddit crowd enough to return once more.