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Surface 2 on sale early in the UK

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Surface 2 early sale
Surface 2 early sale

Microsoft's new Surface 2 tablet isn't supposed to go on sale until October 22nd, but one British retailer is selling it early to customers. Retail chain Argos listed the Surface 2 tablets on its own website this week, allowing customers to purchase them online and pick them up in store. Verge reader Chris Nelis managed to purchase a 32GB Surface 2 on Friday at his local store, and The Verge was able to buy its own unit this morning from an Argos store. The UK retailer isn't selling Type Cover 2 or Touch Cover 2 keyboard covers yet, just Surface 2 in 32GB or 64GB models. We weren't able to purchase a Surface Pro 2 at Argos either.

We'll have a more detailed look at Surface 2 in the coming days, but for now see our initial hands-on for our first impressions. We've reached out to Microsoft and Argos for comment on the early sales, and we'll update you accordingly.

Update: An Argos spokesperson says it has withdrawn Surface 2 from sale in the UK. "We fully comply with embargos issued by our suppliers and have withdrawn the Microsoft Surface 2 from sale with immediate effect. We are working with Microsoft to investigate this error as a matter of urgency."