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Windows RT 8.1 update taken offline due to installation issues

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Windows RT 8.1
Windows RT 8.1

Microsoft is having trouble updating machines to Windows RT 8.1. The company has taken the update offline, preventing people from upgrading their RT devices. In a statement published on Microsoft's support forums, the company says it is "investigating a situation affecting a limited number of users updating their Windows RT devices to Windows RT 8.1. As a result, we have temporarily removed the Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store." Microsoft hasn't specified what the issue is, but a number of reports suggest that a problem that has caused some machines to have their boot data damaged during the update is to blame. Affected machines are unusable until repaired using a recovery drive. There's no word how long the update will be offline, but in the statement Microsoft says it "will provide updates as they become available."