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Twitter 'strongly considering' shutting down #Music just six months after launch, says report

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Twitter #music
Twitter #music

Twitter #Music may not be much longer for this world. All Things D's Mike Isaac reports that multiple sources say the company is "strongly considering" shutting down the music discovery service, which has seen little public interest. Those sources didn't reveal how long #Music could last, but the report says that the service's fate "is nearly sealed."

The service first went live in April after a number of rumors that sparked a noticeable amount of hype. Activity on the site spiked in the early days, but since then the service has been largely forgotten. The sources tell All Things D that since launch downloads and engagement has been "abysmal." #Music is based around using data the social network has on you — like who you follow — to make recommendations. However, the service has always been oddly disconnected from Twitter proper, and the algorithms that make recommendations are very different than the individual-centric approach taken by competitors like Rdio. It seems natural that you would be able to see what influential people you follow on Twitter like to listen to, but such functionality is largely absent from #Music. Rumors of a shutdown come just a month after Twitter integrated its #Music playlists into Spotify and Rdio, making the service a bit more useful.