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Apple hires veteran cable TV exec to engineer 'something big'

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apple graphics

Apple has a new Engineering Director in its ranks, whose CV suggests the California company might finally be ready to start taking the TV as something more than a hobby. Jean-Francois Mulé joins Apple from CableLabs, where he was Senior Vice President of Technology Development and also founded and staffed the company's Bay Area office. With expertise in IP voice and video, TV apps, and "over 15 years of experience solving problems," Mulé looks set for a leadership role in Apple's TV division.

Having joined Apple in September, he describes himself as "challenged, inspired and part of something big." That'll inevitably rekindle speculation about Apple contemplating the production of an actual television set, but Mulé's expertise in software engineering suggests he'll be part of refining the set-top box Apple already has rather than designing and building all-new hardware.