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Bulgarians trade free will for free beer

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Dutch brewery Amstel has launched an innovative new advertising campaign that rewards people for standing still. The Bulgarian advertiser Next Digital Creative Agency has installed an interactive advert called Amstel Still in cities throughout the country that gives away free beer to anyone willing to wait motionless for three minutes.

As detailed by Fast Company, the advert takes the form of a vending machine adorned with a single red button. Pressing the button starts off a 180-second timer that will reset to zero if the built-in motion sensor detects movement. "People as a whole rarely take a break," the agency tells Fast Company, "We decided that we want to help them de-stress a little." It's been 16 days since Amstel Still began its tour of major Bulgarian cities, and the organizers say the machine has already given out 1,344 beers, meaning people have spent over 67 hours standing motionless in search of a beer.