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Target reportedly taking on Straight Talk with its own prepaid wireless service

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Target flickr
Target flickr

Target and Walmart are fierce competitors in the retail sector, and now they're about to square off for budget-minded wireless customers. Droid-Life reports that Target is preparing to launch its own prepaid wireless service called Brightspot, a direct competitor to Walmart's Straight Talk and other affordable MVNOs. Brightspot will reportedly piggyback on T-Mobile's network (including LTE support), with monthly plans starting at $35. That tier offers unlimited voice and text messages, but no data whatsoever. Smartphone users will want to opt for either the $50 plan (with 1GB of data before throttling kicks in) or $65 option for a higher 4GB data allotment.

Customers will be able to sign up for Brightspot (and refill their chosen plan) both online and in Target's stores starting October 6th, according to the report. And while there are no contracts involved, Target is aiming to hold onto users with financial bonuses. The company will reward customers with a $25 gift card for every six months of service they complete.