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Kia launching its first all-electric vehicle for US market next year

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Kia logo flickr kenjonbro
Kia logo flickr kenjonbro

Kia is bringing an all-electric vehicle to the US market for the first time. The company today announced that it will release an EV edition of its Kia Soul sometime in 2014. The electric model is designed to serve as "a natural extension of the Soul’s urban-friendly place in the brand’s lineup," according to a press release issued today. Unfortunately Kia isn't yet revealing any information on the car's range, internals, or available packages; it's not even providing a photo of the EV Soul at this point.

More information will be shared at an upcoming auto show, the company says. But it's promising that you'll be able to distinguish the EV from its gas-powered alternate thanks to "new styling cues" that also improve aerodynamics. Not all heavyweights in the auto industry are keen on EVs. Toyota's chairman recently said, "we do not believe there is a market to accept" all-electric products. He maintains that battery technology still has to improve considerably before EVs will become a logistical replacement for traditional cars.