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This video game photographer creates art out of virtual worlds

This video game photographer creates art out of virtual worlds

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Critics might not agree whether video games are art, but it's hard to deny that they contain art within. That's what Duncan Harris, aka Dead End Thrills, seeks to capture with his virtual camera. He's been at it for a few years now, and the result is not to be missed: a collection of spectacular vistas and compelling portraits of people and places that never existed. You might have seen these games before, but never quite like this — perhaps because a user interface got in the way, or perhaps merely because you didn't stop long enough to smell the roses during your urgent video game mission. By applying photographic techniques to capture moments that would normally just fly by, you could argue that he's not merely discovering art, but also creating it at the same time.

Here are a few samples of what to expect. Just click on them to see them in all their glory, or follow this link to view the entire DeadEndThrills collection to date.