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Selling gold: Apple debuts its first iPhone 5S TV spot

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iphone 5s gold crop
iphone 5s gold crop

Just a few days after Apple rolled out its first print ads for the iPhone 5S on the back of several magazines, the company has debuted the first TV commercial for its flagship device during a football broadcast on FOX. The spot, dubbed "Metal Mastered," is set to "Ooh La La" by Goldfrapp — a music choice that shows Apple isn't afraid of puns. It shows liquid gold spilling across the screen, T-1000 style, which eventually takes the shape of an iPhone. A pointer finger appears from the bottom of the frame, clicks the home button, and unlocks the phone. The clip seems to be a shortened version of the video Apple showed at its iPhone 5S / 5C reveal in mid-September.

Apple has thus far put most of its marketing efforts behind the 5C — a less expensive, plastic update on last year's iPhone 5. Rumors seem to point to iPhone 5C sales being weaker than expected — one reason Apple might be ramping up ads for the 5S — or this just could've been the plan all along. Other reports stated that Apple hadn't advertised its flagship device as much as in past years because it was in short supply.

Either way, get ready for that festive time of the year when every other TV ad is an Apple ad. Only this time, Apple's latest ad doesn't feel so original. "Ooh La La" has been used in a variety of ads since it debuted in 2005, including a TV spot for the Motorola KRZR.