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BBC's 'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary trailer is filled with hidden Easter eggs

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doctor who 50th anniversary
doctor who 50th anniversary

The BBC has just released a teaser trailer for its highly anticipated Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, which airs on November 23rd. The minute-long clip contains more than a dozen tiny homages to years past — many of which you might even miss the first time you watch the trailer. There are more than two dozen easter eggs in all, from a Roboform helmet to "The Most Important Leaf in the Universe," which appear as you speed through season after season of the famous sci-fi serial show. The trailer is essential viewing for any Doctor Who fan — but won't make waiting for the highly-anticipated 50th anniversary episode, "The Day of the Doctor," any easier.

Need a cheat sheet for all the easter eggs? io9 has a great guide.