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'Army of Darkness 2' rises from the grave with Bruce Campbell as Ash

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Bruce Campbell has confirmed the existence of an upcoming sequel to 1992 schlock-horror, Army of Darkness. Campbell — the star of the Evil Dead trilogy that includes Army of Darknessalso confirmed that he would be reprising the role of chainsaw-handed protagonist Ash at Wizard World Nashville Comic Con.

Campbell's confirmation came in response to fan questions, and follows remarks made earlier this year by Sam Raimi. Raimi, the director of the original Army of Darkness, 'threatened' Campbell "every six months" with a sequel, and said he'd "kick his butt into shape" to play Ash. As for the delay between films, Bloody Disgusting reports Campbell as saying Raimi had been "a little bit busy making the biggest movies in Hollywood," but that both had found space in their schedule to create a follow-up to the cult success.

Sam Raimi started writing 'Army of Darkness 2' earlier this year

Campbell last played Ash in a cameo role in Fede Alvarez's Evil Dead remake, appearing as an older version of the character. Given the two decades since the original film's release, Army of Darkness 2's Ash will also be visibly older. Campbell joked that his updated version of the character would have to "stop occasionally from chasing some deadite to catch his breath." There's no official word yet on release date, but Bloody Disgusting reports that Raimi was already writing the movie in September.