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Nokia Lumia sales reportedly hit record-high numbers last quarter

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Lumia 1020 side (1024px)
Lumia 1020 side (1024px)

In the lead-up to Nokia's big event tomorrow, the Wall Street Journal reports Lumia sales have hit a record high for the fourth consecutive quarter. Citing people familiar with the matter, the WSJ says Nokia sold "at least eight million" Windows Phones between July and September. That's close to triple the 2.9 million sales it managed in the same period last year and also more than the 7.4 million it sold last quarter. Of course, those numbers are very low when compared to big players like Samsung and Apple, but Nokia is at least continuing to prove it — and the Windows Phone platform — has a place in the market.

As we reported last month, Nokia is gearing up to announce six devices tomorrow at its Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi. Among the new products will be the company's first tablet, thought to be called the Lumia 2520, and a large-screened phone, thought to be the 6-inch Lumia 1520. The Wall Street Journal doesn't elaborate further on Nokia's plans for tomorrow.

We don't have long to wait before Nokia reveals its fall / winter lineup; Nokia World kicks off in just 24 hours. Nokia will also give us precise figures on Lumia sales — including whether or not things are improving in the US — when it announces its third quarter earnings later this month. We'll be covering both Nokia World and the company's earnings live, so stay tuned for more details.