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Apple may be moving GarageBand for iOS to freemium model

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Garageband ipad stock
Garageband ipad stock

Apple's iLife and iWork suite of apps could receive major updates in the coming days, according to 9to5Mac and MacRumors. The biggest change will be the move to a freemium model for GarageBand (currently $4.99), with text found on Apple's site noting that, although the app is to be free, "additional GarageBand instruments and sounds [will be] available with an in-app purchase." In addition to the GarageBand update, iPhoto will be gaining photobook printing options (to replace Apple's defunct Cards app), while iMovie will now include "iMovie Theater," a new mode that is apparently "like having your own personal theater, everywhere you go."


In addition to the new features and pricing, Apple is updating all of the apps' icons to better fit with iOS 7's simplified aesthetic. The new icons and descriptions were live on Apple's site early, but the mistake was captured by MacRumors before being taken down. It's not clear if the icons will be accompanied by new-look apps — the current apps are woefully out of sync with the rest of iOS 7's visuals — but we wouldn't be surprised. Expect Apple to show off the new apps and features at its big event tomorrow.