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You can afford your Sriracha obsession because of this man

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Sriracha is everywhere, but David Tran — CEO of its maker, Huy Fong Foods — would hardly know it. In a profile of Tran, Quartz describes the reclusive CEO as caring far more about making a good hot sauce than simply making profits. Despite rising ingredient costs and increased demand, Tran hasn't once raised the wholesale price of Sriracha. The goal, he tells Quartz, isn't to be a billionaire, just "to make enough fresh chili sauce so that everyone who wants Huy Fong can have it. Nothing more."

Tran is almost obstinately against focusing on profits, according to Quartz. He doesn't know how widely his star product is being sold, doesn't advertise, and has turned down various buy-out offers. "People who come here are never interested in the product, only in the profits," Tran tells Quartz of the offers. Even as demand booms and supplies dwindle, Tran still chooses to source chilies locally, demanding that every one is picked fresh and processed within just a day. Quartz has more on Tran's history with Huy Fong, including how Sriracha came to be, how its manufacturing is set up, and just how widely the famous hot sauce has been showing up.