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The week in Verge Video - October 21st, 2013


It's going to be a big week in Verge Video: we've got new episodes of Small Empires and Detours, and we're coming to you live on Tuesday with all the news from Apple's event in Cupertino. On Thursday, you can look forward to our weekly video podcast, The Vergecast.


  • Small Empires


    Small Empires with Alexis Ohanian is our weekly show that visits rising New York City startups and provides never-before-seen access to the men and women building our future. On last week's episode, Alexis visits the unlikely crossroads between romance and big data with online dating service, OkCupid.

  • The Verge Live: Apple's iPad event

    Tuesday beginning at 12:30PM ET

    We're on our way to Apple's October 22nd event in Cupertino, and we'll be bringing you the latest news starting at 12:30AM ET on The Verge Live. Because our editors will be traveling and covering the event, this means that The Verge Mobile Show will take place next week. But look on the bright side: they'll have so much to talk about.


  • Detours


    This summer we traveled around the United States to see how science and technology are driving the next generation of American innovation, looking beyond just apps and gadgets. On last week's episode of Detours, Pittsburgh grapples with its history of industrial pollution.


  • The_vergecast

    The Vergecast

    Thursday at 4:00PM ET

    The Vergecast is a discussion of all things relevant and irreverent in the worlds of art, culture, science, and technology. If you missed last week's episode, we talked about Facebook teens, Windows 8.1, and enjoyed a cameo with a Galaxy Gear.