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Hulu Plus for iPhone adds support for Google's Chromecast

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Chromecast (1024px)
Chromecast (1024px)

Just as it promised to do, Hulu has today enabled support for Google's Chromecast on iPhone. Users can begin streaming Hulu Plus content to their TVs by installing an update for the app that's available now. Hulu first rolled out Chromecast integration on Android and iPad, joining Netflix as the latest third party to support the miniature $35 streaming stick. According to the company, "Hulu Plus integration with Chromecast will convert your app into a custom remote letting you control video on your Chromecast connected TVs, while allowing you to browse the Hulu Plus app directly from your iPhone." The required update can be downloaded from the iOS App Store. With two major streaming services accounted for, Google is also reportedly working to enable HBO Go streaming for Chromecast.