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New Lenovo ThinkPad "OneLink" docking port/cable on Linux?

Does anyone know if the new "OneLink" docking cable works reasonably with Linux?

My understanding is that the "Thinkpad USB 3.0 Dock" (0A33970) was just that - a USB dock that passed video, audio, etc. over USB3. This has performance and software-dependency implications.

I gather than that the new "ThinkPad OneLink Dock" (4X10A06077) with the fancy new proprietary connector (that has both power and dock connector) is more like the traditional click-in bottom-port docks that ThinkPads have had in the past. These seem to be more like a direct hardware pass-through for ports and rely less (not at all?) on drivers, etc.

The dock works fine in linux on my current T410s in Linux (Fedora), and I'm wondering about the OneLink in either the T440s or whatever they update the Carbon X1 with.