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Apple gives iWork a facelift with collaboration on the web, available for free today

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Apple announced in mid-September that it would make its iWork suite of apps free with all purchases of an iOS device, but the company didn't offer any updates for the apps. Today, we heard a little bit more about iWork. First and foremost, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iOS and Mac are receiving a hefty visual update to match iOS 7 design's guidelines. This means Apple has done away with all the Corinthian leather and added a new interface that brings the content you're working on to the forefront. The update also affects the look of iWork for iCloud, Apple's foray into online document-editing, which also receives new collaborative editing features.

Aside from its new look, iWork for Mac has also been re-engineered from scratch, according to Apple, in 64-bit, and with iCloud syncing capability. The apps boast several new features, like content-sensitive editing panes, new transitions, interactive charts that update as you add new data, and object-based animations in Keynote. "It's about not cluttering screens with controls," said Eddy Cue, channeling Apple's motto for iOS 7 design: putting your content in the forefront. Once you're finished with a document, you can share it using a URL you can email or message to a friend. From their computer, they can open the document, and even make changes alongside you, just like you can in Google Docs.

Apple also announced that iWork will become free with the purchase of any new Mac or iOS device. Also worth noting, Apple recently made a few more of its apps free: GarageBand, iPhoto, and iMovie.

Update: Apple's free software crusade continues — the long-neglected Keynote Remote app for iPhone is now free after being sold for 99 cents since January 2009. While Apple appears to be giving the app at least some attention by removing the cost of entry, Keynote Remote hasn't received an update in well over a year and remains unoptimized for the iPhone 5 and 5S' display.