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Vine for Windows Phone briefly demonstrated at Nokia World

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Vine for Windows Phone
Vine for Windows Phone

Vine revealed it was planning its own Windows Phone app back at the Lumia 1020 launch in July, and it’s now in beta testing. Nokia provided an early demo of Vine for Windows Phone today at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi. It looks almost identical to the iOS and Android versions, but in keeping with Windows Phone’s "Metro-style" aesthetics. There’s four sections that are available in the main part of the app, without the need to flick down, that provide access to activity, explore, profile, and of course the main home screen of Vine videos. Just like the Android and iOS versions, you’ll be restricted to six second videos, but all the normal stop motion techniques will still work.

Nokia didn’t demonstrate the app fully, just a series of interactive slides, so it’s not clear how well the app runs in real-time. The initial Vine app for Android suffered from some slow processing times, so we’re hoping that’s not the case with the Windows Phone version. Other than that, it’s the standard Vine app you’d expect, with the ability to share to Twitter and Facebook. Windows Phone already has an unofficial Vine app, but it’s encouraging to see a feature complete official version is heading to the platform soon. There’s no word on availability, but given it just entered beta we’d expect to see it arrive in the Windows Phone Store soon.