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Apple will stream today's iPad event to iOS, Mac, and Apple TV users

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Apple Special Event Apple TV
Apple Special Event Apple TV

Just as it did for its iPad mini event last year and its WWDC keynote, Apple is streaming its big event today live to Apple TV users. Anyone with an Apple TV will notice an "Apple Events" icon appear on their home screen, which acts as a shortcut to watch the event.

For both the iPad mini and WWDC keynote streams, Apple also offered a livestream through its Safari browser for Mac and iOS. While we can't confirm that it'll do the same again, it's likely you'll be able to watch today's event on more than just an Apple TV. Want an idea of what's coming up? Browse through our preview of today's event.

Update: Apple will in fact be streaming today's event over the web, though you'll have to be on either OS X or iOS in order to watch it. The stream requires that viewers use Safari, and should be available on Apple's website beginning at 1PM ET / 10AM PT.

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