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'Crysis' developer launches free FPS 'Warface' that you can play in your browser

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Crytek's games have set the bar again and again for demanding and gorgeous graphics, but now the developer is trying something a little bit different: its latest game can be played right inside of a web browser, and it's completely free to play. The game is called Warface, and while it's far from being as visually stunning as Crytek's other titles — like the Crysis series — it's easily among the most accessible games that it's ever made. The game doesn't stray from Crytek's usual style either, as it's largely just a military FPS, though there are plenty of in-app purchases to be made to support its business model.

While it might be surprising to see a successful developer known for big-budget titles trying to tackle the free-to-play model, Crytek is actually embracing this type of casual gaming in a fairly aggressive way. The launch of Warface actually coincides with the open beta launch of Gface, a platform for this very type of web-based gaming, and a venture that just happens to be backed by Crytek. Naturally, you'll need to sign up for Gface in order to play Warface, which is seemingly named after the platform lest you forget where to play it. Warface appears to be a major piece of Crytek's push to familiarize gamers with the platform too — but it'll have to be a free-to-play title worth playing in order to make that happen.