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Microsoft reportedly testing its own Google Glass-like eyewear

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New Microsoft Logo stock
New Microsoft Logo stock

Microsoft may be preparing to launch its own glasses. The Wall Street Journal reports that the software giant is testing prototypes for what it describes as “internet-connected eyewear” that’s similar to Google Glass. There’s little details on how the glasses would work in reality, but the eyewear could mark a new interest in wearable computing at Microsoft. The software maker has previously experimented with a range of watches, including its SPOT devices that were killed off alongside the MSN Direct service in early 2012.

It’s possible the concept is linked to the company’s Xbox work. An early Xbox One planning document leaked last year that described Kinect Glasses known as “Project Fortaleza.” The concept images showed glasses that were internet-connected via Wi-Fi or 4G, and eyewear that used augmented reality. Kinect Glasses was marked as a 2014 product, but it’s not clear if the eyewear has reached beyond a project stage. Microsoft also submitted patent applications for a head-mounted display earlier this year that’s focused on gaming. The patent application described a multiplayer system that lets game players invite other users via a head-mounted display device. Illustrations attached to the patent show a pair of glasses that include sensors to locate users, track gestures, and read the environment of a game player.