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Instapaper for Android gets a design refresh, InstaRank for finding popular articles

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Instapaper for Android
Instapaper for Android

Instapaper for Android just received a hefty design refresh, following in the footsteps of its web and iOS brethren. The update also brings keyword search, available via in-app purchase, which lets you mine your Instapaper account for articles about specific topics. Another welcome new feature is the ability to sort your queue by date, article length, and even popularity — via InstaRank, Betaworks' algorithm for finding the best articles based on what users are saving. If you're in a spontaneous mood, a new shuffle button summons a random article from your queue for reading. Finally, the update adds a new in-app browser, so you won't get booted every time you click a link.

Betaworks has very quickly proven that it plans to follow through on its commitment to updating Marco Arment's Instapaper, which it acquired in April. The company has paid a lot of attention to Instapaper for Android, iOS, and web since then, while also releasing a variety of other interesting other products like Dots, Digg Reader, and Tapestry — and even planning a reboot for