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eBay adds Pinterest-like wanted lists and more same-day delivery locations

eBay adds Pinterest-like wanted lists and more same-day delivery locations

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eBay wants to make its marketplace a cleaner, neater, and more personal place to shop, and it's doing that today by launching a series of social features built around curation. The new features primarily allow users to build Pinterest-style boards of products — all attached to specific eBay listings, of course — and then to follow others on the site whose taste they're interested in. The hope is that through following tastemakers, eBay users will be more likely to come across interesting products that they can either buy or bid on.

Same-day delivery comes to Chicago today, Dallas and London soon

eBay is also expanding its same day delivery service, eBay Now, in a big way. The service will be expanding to 25 markets by the end of next year, with its first expansion beginning today with Chicago. That marks the third area that eBay Now operates in, with the first two being New York and San Francisco. The service will also open up to Dallas by the end of 2013, and London in earlier 2014.

Several new features are being added to eBay's local buying services as well. At both Toys "R" Us and Best Buy, eBay will allow buyers to order products for in-store pickup beginning today. eBay also says that it'll soon allow buyers to schedule when they would like orders from eBay Now to be delivered, instead of requiring immediate delivery as the service does currently. With these changes, it seems that eBay wants to be the one to both make local delivery and Pinterest-style shopping work — two strategies that no one has nailed quite yet — but for now the announcements come off as a melange of proactive alterations, many more obviously useful than others.