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Nokia Lumia update will measure your steps, provide Glance notifications and colors

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Gallery Photo: Nokia Lumia Black update
Gallery Photo: Nokia Lumia Black update

Nokia shipped its Lumia Amber update for Windows Phone with a host of new features focused on imaging improvements, but the future Lumia Black update brings more modest changes. Nokia is largely improving the Glance feature of its Lumia handsets with the Black update that will ship in the coming weeks. During a session at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi today, Nokia detailed changes to Glance, the custom screen it displays when the phone is in standby. Lumia Black will add the image background support we saw recently in beta, and a host of colors to the sleep mode for the feature. Nokia is also adding in notification support for the existing lockscreen notifications.

While these Glance features will come alongside Lumia Black, Nokia is also adding a pedometer to Glance. A new steps feature, expected to debut in early 2014, measures the number of steps you're taking with your phone and displays them on the Glance screen. It's a neat addition, and it's clear Nokia is once again putting a lot of effort into its Windows Phone customizations and Glance in particular. Nokia says the Lumia Black update should start rolling out to devices in the coming weeks.