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Samsung giving Galaxy Note 3 to all Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics athletes

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 1024px
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 1024px

Not every athlete will walk away from the upcoming Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics with a gold medal, but they'll all be taking home a giant smartphone. Samsung will be distributing its Galaxy Note 3 to everyone participating in the games, a move it says will allow athletes "to enjoy, capture and share their Olympic Games experience in a smarter way." It also marks the first time Samsung has ever handed out a flagship device to all athletes — yet more evidence of the company's growing brand influence across the globe.

The marketing ploy is part of an initiative referred to as the "Samsung Smart Olympic Games," which will also see a refreshed version of the company's Wireless Olympic Works (WOW) Android app. If you can't make it to Russia to see the Sochi 2014 games in person, Samsung says the updated app will offer real-time news, event schedules, up-to-the-minute official results, medal counts, and record statistics. But athletes are obviously getting the best deal here. So when you see an abnormally high number of Note 3s on TV during the Winter Olympics, you'll know why.