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Nuclear officers left crucial blast doors open, according to AP report

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Nuclear Missile (Flickr)
Nuclear Missile (Flickr)

According to an exclusive report by the Associated Press, Air Force officers entrusted with nuclear launch codes have been caught leaving open the blast doors to their underground command post on two separate occasions. The doors are a crucial element of American nuclear security, ensuring that even if the outer facility is compromised, attackers will not be able to reach the codes required to launch a nuclear attack. The AP's sources say similar violations are much more common than is publicly reported.

There's no evidence that any facilities or launch codes were compromised, but the breach of protocol raises serious questions about the security of the US nuclear arsenal, especially after the arsenal's commander, Maj. General Michael Carey, was abruptly fired last week. In May, three officers from a North Dakota nuclear base were relieved for a lack of "proper attitude."