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Apple updates Podcasts, Find My iPhone, and iTunes Movie Trailers apps with iOS 7 designs

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iphone podcasts app
iphone podcasts app

Along with the major updates to headline apps such as the iWork and iLife suites, Apple has refreshed some of its other offerings with designs in line with iOS 7. Find My iPhone, iTunes Movie Trailers, and Podcasts have all been updated with new icons and cleaner UIs; the new Podcasts app in particular sees a total overhaul following a slight tweak to the excessively literal visual metaphors found in the original release.

Although Find My iPhone and iTunes Movie Trailers haven't received any headline new features, Podcasts now supports background downloading in iOS 7, with iCloud keeping your play positions in sync across Apple TV and iTunes. The updates are welcome, but that's not to say that Apple's work is over — the Remote app is yet to receive a refresh, and Find My Friends' egregious leather interface remains firmly stitched in place for now.