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LG's curved-screen G Flex smartphone revealed in photos and video

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Gallery Photo: LG G Flex leaked photos
Gallery Photo: LG G Flex leaked photos

We've seen rendered images of LG's G Flex and its curved OLED display, but the device itself has proven elusive — until now. Argentinian broadcaster Telefe apparently managed to obtain the phone for an in-studio hands-on video, and journalist Federico Ini has provided The Verge with additional photos.

According to Ini, the G Flex's curved screen is 6 inches across, and the phone features rear-mounted buttons in a similar style to the LG G2's. The camera is said to be 13 megapixels, matching both the G2 and Samsung's Galaxy Round, which has an OLED display that curves on a different axis. The G Flex is reminiscent of LG and Samsung's curved OLED TVs, with the screen's edges slightly turning inwards when viewed in landscape orientation.

While the G Flex is yet to be officially announced by LG, these videos and photos may be as close as you ever get to the phone: Ini says that the G Flex will be launched in South Korea next month, with no release planned for the US, Europe, or Latin America. When reached for contact, an LG representative in South Korea told The Verge that he was unsure of the device's veracity and would have to contact the company's Argentinian office to confirm if it is "the real thing."