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Galaxy S4 mini coming to Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint in November

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S4 Mini
S4 Mini

Samsung is bringing the Galaxy S4 mini to the United States next month, where it'll be sold on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular. While pricing hasn't been announced, it's safe to assume that — like the Galaxy S III mini — it'll be offered as a less expensive option to the flagship smartphone from which the device gets its name. Between the value of the Galaxy S4's branding and the appeal of what'll presumably be a lower price, it's easy to imagine that the S4 mini will find some success when it debuts in the US. It is a distinctly lower-end smartphone though, having an older processor and a qHD resolution display.

Oddly enough, the Galaxy S4 mini will be coming to the US just two months after the Galaxy S III mini landed on AT&T. AT&T currently sells that device for $0.99 with a two-year contract, though it's unclear if the S4 mini would take its place or be sold for more. The S4 mini itself was announced back in May, and since then has been made available, but only outside of the US so far.