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Apple retail stores begin carrying Automatic, the sensor that aims to make you a better driver

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Apple retail stores have begun carrying the iPhone-connected car-tracking device Automatic. The tracking device connects to a car's OBD-II port — something that all modern vehicles should have — and then beams driving details like fuel use, mileage, engine status, and more back to an iPhone over Bluetooth. Though similar devices are available, Automatic looks to simplify the wealth of data that they can collect into something simple to understand, like how often you hit the brakes too hard and how much you're spending on gas. So far the nearly $100 device has only had limited exposure because it's only been sold online, but it could begin seeing a lot more success now that it's placed among Apple Stores' wealth of tech-savvy consumers.

According to GigaOm, more people using Automatic could even mean better results for those who use it. Because Automatic's associated app tracks where you drive in addition to how you drive, the app could compare your driving data against others with the same car as you, or give intelligent suggestions for alternate routes based on how other local drivers navigate — it just needs enough data in order to do it. And while Apple may appreciate that Automatic only works with iPhones, the device is set to begin supporting select Android phones in December as well.