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Slingbox owners can now stream live cable programming to Apple TV with AirPlay

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Slingbox Apple TV
Slingbox Apple TV

So long as you own a semi-recent Slingbox and an Apple TV, you can now stream live TV to Apple's set-top box. The SlingPlayer Mobile app for iOS has been updated with support for AirPlay, giving users the ability to beam live cable programming to the Apple TV — even when the cable box it's sourced from is in an entirely different location. As for supported models, the Slingbox 500, Slingbox 350, Slingbox Pro-HD and Slingbox Solo are all compatible with the SlingPlayer Mobile app and AirPlay. It's a semi-convoluted setup, but the new AirPlay support could help Apple TV owners cut the cord, assuming you can find someone willing to share their cable subscription with a Slingbox. Separately, Sling has also announced that Blockbuster On Demand is now available on the Slingbox 500, though we imagine the addition of AirPlay (and improved support for USB media) is more interesting to most users.