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Vudu beats Netflix to launching DVD-style bonus features for digital movies

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district 9 poster crop
district 9 poster crop

During the heyday of DVDs, everyone was eager to offer more and more bonus features to help convince movie fans that they should make a purchase, and now that bonus content is slowly making its way into the age of streaming and downloadable media. Vudu is now beginning to include extra content like deleted scenes, trivia, and behind-the-scenes clips with the purchase of select films. Just about everything you'd expect from a DVD is included, though Vudu's extras will also allow viewers to share clips to Facebook and Twitter and to search for specific scenes and events in the film.

Vudu is calling the new feature Extras+, and it'll be first available today for the film District 9. Later in the year, Vudu will bring Extras+ to This is the End as well as a number of much more poorly received films, including After Earth, White House Down, Grown Ups 2, Mortal Instruments, Smurfs 2, and One Direction: This is Us. So far it appears that only Sony Pictures is on board to deliver this extra content, but — while it isn't exactly coming to that many exciting new films just yet — it could be a quick and important attempt to get out ahead of Netflix, which recently revealed that it has been "experimenting" with adding bonus content for its original series.