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'Gattaca' director reteaming with Ethan Hawke for drone thriller

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The Purge promotional still
The Purge promotional still

Director Andrew Niccol will be working again with Ethan Hawke on a thriller centered around the moral implications of drone strikes. Deadline reports that the writer-director of films like Gattaca and S1m0ne has chosen frequent collaborator Hawke as the lead for his newest project. The untitled film will center around a pilot who begins flying drones from a Las Vegas control center. Tensions develop within his family, and Hawke's character eventually finds himself wondering if attacking the Taliban from half a world away is actually perpetuating conflict rather than resolving it. The film is scheduled to start shooting next February.

It looks to be another entry in what's been a rather busy time in Hawke's career. After starting the year with the Richard Linklater drama Before Midnight, he's starred in the thrillers Getaway and The Purge (pictured above). Niccol hasn't had great success at the box office lately — neither The Host nor In Time took off with audiences, despite the director's stylistic flourishes — but with the issue of drone strikes becoming more complex on an almost-daily basis, he and his team will no doubt have plenty of material to work with.