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Tweetbot 3 for iPhone gets a fresh new design, but at a price

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tweetbot 3 2
tweetbot 3 2

Tapbots today launched a brand-new version of Tweetbot for $2.99, bringing with it a new design inspired by iOS 7, revamped physics and animations, and background fetch so your tweets are always up to date. The first thing you'll notice is the app's design, which scraps Tweetbot's famously "heavy" but refined user interface for a flat, contrasty experience. Tweetbot 3 feels a lot like Twitterrific, another popular Twitter app, thanks to its circular avatars, bright colors, and almost outrageously bouncy animations — except Tweetbot maintains its excellent power-user features like iCloud-synced DMs and read states, support for myriad image-upload services, muting, "media view" of your timeline, and streaming over Wi-Fi.

Tweetbot 3's new design will be controversial, but so will its price. Tapbots, along with many other developers, decided to rework its app to coincide with iOS 7 and charge for the new version instead of offering a free update to its current app. Tapbots and others say that the work is worth the price — often since the app's predecessors had been out in the wild, receiving free updates for more than a year — but consumers will ultimately decide if they want to upgrade or if the old app will do just fine. Tapbots has already removed the old version of Tweetbot for iPhone from the App Store, and the new version should be propagating across the various versions of the App Store over the next few hours. Tweetbot for iPad, which the company works on separately, is sticking around until a forthcoming update. Worth noting — Tweetbot for iPhone is on sale for $2.99, but will eventually make its way up to $4.99.

While Tweetbot 3 looks a lot different than its predecessor, the app is still undeniably the most powerful Twitter client for iPhone. The days may be numbered for third-party Twitter clients, but despite Twitter's best efforts, Tweetbot and its peers appear to be thriving.