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Microsoft drops Surface Pro price by another $100, now starts at $699

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Microsoft Surface Pro better stock 1020
Microsoft Surface Pro better stock 1020

Microsoft is taking another $100 off of its Surface Pro pricing just as the company starts selling the updated Surface Pro 2 model. The price cut follows a $100 drop in August that was made permanent alongside Touch Cover and Surface RT reductions. The latest cut brings the price down to just $699, compared to the $899 pricing of the new Surface Pro 2 model. Microsoft appears to only be cutting the pricing in the US and Canada, other international stores do not show the adjustment.

The offer expires on December 31st, but while this is a temporary cut it’s unlikely that Microsoft is planning to sell the original Surface Pro after stocks diminish. Microsoft’s main Surface site no longer lists the Surface Pro in its product pages, and any mentions of the original are gone. The Microsoft Store also hides the Surface Pro away, pushing the original Surface, Surface 2, and Surface Pro 2 to the foreground. Microsoft made no mention of the Surface Pro in its pricing line up during its Surface 2 event in New York last month either. The Surface Pro is only nine months old, so $200 off its original pricing is a bargain for those who want laptop power in a tablet-like form factor.